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Cat and Mouse Podcast

Written by: Cat & Mouse Published on March 05,2024


Cat & Mouse is a limited podcast series of engaging, thoughtful, sexy and relatable stories. This audio experience is designed primarily with women in mind, but its allure transcends gender boundaries. Our narratives are more than just tales; they're a blend of intense passion, romance, and tasteful storytelling. Each episode unfurls an erotic storyline, tastefully curated to provide an immersive audio adventure. Here, we celebrate sensuality, human connection, and the diverse spectrum of desire.





Coming in at 10-12 minutes in length, our episodes are just the quickie you need. We take you on a journey, making sure to butter your biscuit before taking a bite. Each story is written in first person with snippets of dialogue featuring some of our favourite and most talented voice actors to bring characters to life.




44 Floors


When Dani, a successful career woman, decides to make the jump to another company, she’s finally presented with the opportunity to explore a romantic fling with her longtime office crush.


Call Him Daddy


After sneaking into an exclusive event, hoping to break into the industry and expand her network, aspiring fashion designer Olivia gets more than what she bargained for - in the best ways possible.




New-ish to adulthood, Blaire (a self-proclaimed nerd) has a steamy run-in with old classmate and ultimate “it-girl”, Rebecca Hatt.


Beyond Nice


Fresh out of a divorce, and back at her parent’s place, school counselor Lynne fools around with punk-rock turned professional baker, Dolly.




Cassie Wilson/Cat

IG: @cassieonthekeys


Cassie is a Toronto-based writer with a passion for storytelling and a deep appreciation for cultivating community. Her writing journey is fueled by her love for creating engaging, meaningful, and relatable content that provokes thought and inspires conversation. What really makes her engine vroom is delivering stories that matter and content that makes a difference."


Cody Madill/Mouse



Mouse is an erotica writer with dozens of short stories under their belt and a passion for making custom erotica accessible to everyone. Their aim is to bring fantasy to life with the written word. Wherever possible they, explore the taboo while also finding beauty and excitement in mundane and everyday life.



Our Why:


As writers, we love exploring, expressing and entertaining. This idea of erotic stories; it’s a concept that has existed for decades (think back to those smutty romance novels that everyone's grandmother used to read). We want to create something for our audience that is inclusive and creative, with our own spin.




If you’re a voice actor interested in being a part of this project, check our casting page  to see current paid opportunities.

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