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How to use Butterfly Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

As the name implies, this vibrating sex toy is shaped like a butterfly. Once it is turned on, the wings flap up and down to stimulate the clitoris in a way that nothing else can, save for a butterfly. Stimulation from this device is gentle, yet it gives you a supreme feeling that you could only dream about achieving with your fingers.

Mode of Using

1.Butterfly Vibrator-dildo.

The butterfly kiss vibrator is a hybrid of a vibrator and a penis, which can provide women with the greatest satisfaction. When an external stimulator provides trembling stimulation to your clitoris, the end of the dildo penetrates the vagina for a complete sexual experience. If you want to experience the flickering touch of the vibrator and the feeling of penis penetration, kissing the vibrator is the first choice. These clitoral stimulators are simple in design, but provide ideal results for your body to experience incredibly satisfying intercourse.

2.Butterfly Straps.

The butterfly belt is the perfect sex device for lesbian couples. However, it can also be used by heterosexual couples who like to seduce sexy behavior. The design of the butterfly strap is very different from the standard strap, but it brings clitoral stimulation to the wearer. Once the strap is connected to your clitoris, the other end can be used to penetrate your partner's vagina or anus, allowing both parties to enjoy intense sexual satisfaction.

3.Vibrating Butterfly Ring.

If you are looking for the best sexual satisfaction, the vibrating butterfly ring is your must-have sex toy. This butterfly sex toy is designed to supplement the effort to penetrate the penis or dildo by stimulating the clitoris during a stroke. This amazing sex device can be attached to the shaft of the penis in any length. It allows a woman to decide how many inches of vaginal insertion she wants before the vibrator makes contact with the clitoris to produce a strong erotic arousal.

Although this butterfly sex toy sounds like the perfect device for personal sexual satisfaction, bear in mind that its use is not limited to masturbation alone. You would figure that the continuous clitoral stimulation from the butterfly stimulator adds to the delight of penetration and helps you get the perfect sexual feeling that has always seemed impossible. People of various sexual orientations can use this butterfly adult toy. The touch of the butterfly vibrator can also be likened to what you get from only the best oral sex. They’re even used by virgins who require sexual pleasure but not at the expense of penetration.


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