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9 Best Egg Vibrators | Delightful and Discreet Egg Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 31,2022

Women's sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, but the less talked about is the egg vibrator. Small, sleek, and highly functional, egg vibrators can deliver powerful stimulation for intense toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasms. Made from body-safe materials, these vibrators come with a tail or string at the end for easy removal when you are done. Most egg vibrators have a remote control function, while others have Bluetooth connectivity. On top of that, egg vibrators are ideal for solo or partnered play.

Top 9 Best Egg Vibrators In Bestvibe.com

What Are Egg Vibrators?

Also known as a "love egg," an egg vibrator is a small and discreet sex toy similar to a bullet vibrator except for the shape. Egg vibrators have a "teardrop" shape and look more like an egg hence the name. They are small, making it easy to carry one with you discreetly. But don't be fooled by the small size because that doesn't make them less effective. On the contrary, some egg vibrators have the same power as larger sex toys and vibrate at varying patterns and speeds.

They are also very versatile. You can use an egg vibrator to stimulate your clitoris, vagina, and even for anal stimulation. The shape allows it. While they are designed mostly for females, men can use them to stimulate the penis and testicles and for anal play, making them a good option for couples who want to mix up things in the bedroom. One of the best features of egg vibrators is that they are quieter than other vibrating options on the market. They are also waterproof; you can use them even when in the tub or shower for intense orgasms.

What Are The Different Types Of Egg Vibrators?

Egg vibrators have one common feature; they are small and quiet. They come in different types that include:

Wired Egg Vibrators

As the same suggests, these egg vibrators come with a wire on one end that connects the vibrator to its remote. They were the first egg vibrators to hit the market and soon proved risky and uncomfortable to use. While they are not the best to use, some people still prefer them for one reason; the remote is attached to the vibrator; therefore, harder to lose. Nothing is more upsetting than when you want some stimulation but can't find your vibrator's remote.

Wireless Egg Vibrators

These are an improvement of the wired egg vibrators. They can either be controlled by remote control or a mobile app. Such vibrators are therefore easier to manipulate. They are also safer and more comfortable. Wired egg vibrators are versatile in that long-distance couples can use them, especially the ones that use a mobile app.

Egg Vibrators With Handles

Egg vibrators with handles are more common, and you probably have seen one in a sex store or porn. The vibrators come with a handle on one end, making them easy to manipulate and direct in case the vibrator gets too slippery due to lube. They also make internal stimulation, like anal stimulation, much safer because the handle ensures that the egg doesn't get stuck inside. These egg vibrators have handles that vary in length, shape, and texture. They are the best option for beginners.

2-in-1 Egg Vibrators

Double stimulating egg vibrators can be used to stimulate different areas of the body. They come in pairs, whereby you can have an egg vibrator for clitoral stimulation and another for anal stimulation. These vibrators have a handle for easy manipulation and maneuvering and offer the best G-spot and P-spot stimulation. The only downside; they are not as discreet as the others.

Love Egg Sleeves

These are typically sleeves that wrap around your egg vibrator, creating another form of sensation. Most come in a different texture and are soft and ribbed. They are ideal for external stimulation.

How To Use Egg Vibrators

If you are new to egg vibrators or sex toys, it can be intimidating to use one for the first time. Egg vibrators, for instance, can be a little intimidating because they are small and shaped like an egg. If you are using egg vibrators for fun when you want to explore your body, here are things to remember:

• Prepare yourself: First thing's first; always ensure your vibrator is clean before using it. Once you have it ready to go, prepare yourself. You can watch porn or whatever you do that gets you in the mood. When ready, place the egg vibrator outside your vagina, turn it on and enjoy the pleasurable vibrations.

• Slowly insert the egg vibrator: If you are well lubricated, go ahead and insert the vibrator into your anus or vagina. If you are using it for anal stimulation especially, make sure to use extra lube. When it comes to lube, always opt for water-based lubes since they don't damage the vibrator materials.

• Avoid inserting the vibrator too deep: In the height of pleasure, you might be tempted to insert the vibrator deeper for added pleasure but don't do that. This is especially if you are using an egg vibrator with no handle. The last thing you want is the small vibrator disappearing inside your vagina or anus, and you have to go to the ER for removal. Egg vibrators will still do the job when inserted just slightly.

• Experiment with the different speeds: With the egg inside buzzing and delivering great pleasure, you can start experimenting with the different patterns and speeds. Take your time and give each setting at least a minute to see how that feels before settling on the speed and pattern that feels the most comfortable and pleasurable for you.

• Add some clitoral stimulation: As the vibrating egg does its job inside your vagina or anus, you can stimulate other areas like your clitoris. If you save a bullet vibrator or a rabbit vibrator, use it to stimulate your clit. If you don't have a sex toy, your fingers will do.


With so many types of sex devices and toys, choosing a toy for the first time can be a little intimidating. Luckily, egg vibrators are ideal for beginners and advanced sex toy users since they are small but offer powerful vibrations. They are also versatile enough to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, and anus. You can also use them for solo play or when you want to spice up things with your partner.


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