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Butterfly Vibrators | Ten Best Butterfly Vibrators for 2022

Written by: Bestvibe Published on April 25,2022

Achieving orgasm through penetrative sex is usually a tall order for most women. If you fall in this category, you need more than multiple deep strokes to get you there. Luckily, the world of sex toys is diverse, and there is a toy for everyone. Yes, everyone. Including you who has no experience using sex toys. When people think about sex toys, the first thing that comes to mind is huge dildos. But there is so much this world has to offer, from rabbit vibrators, clit-sucking vibrators, bullet vibrators, magic wands, and butterfly vibrators. If you are the woman who prefers ongoing action on your vulva and clit while your partner penetrates you, then you might want to consider butterfly vibrators. They are versatile and designed to pleasure you to orgasmic bliss, whether alone or with a partner, ensuring that you get the sexual satisfaction you deserve.

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What Are Butterfly Vibrators?

Butterfly vibrators get their name from their shape. Basically, butterfly vibrators are designed to look like a butterfly. They are meant to nestle on your vulva or clitoris like a butterfly without vaginal penetration. If you like experiencing ultimate sexual satisfaction without all the unnecessary and sometimes unpleasurable vaginal penetration, go for a butterfly vibrator.

Like a butterfly, the wings of the vibrator flap when you turn it on, an action that helps stimulate your clitoris. Stimulation is gentle, but the vibrator gives you the same supreme feeling only your fingers rubbing on your clitoris could. And that's another advantage butterfly vibrators have – you don't need to use your hands.

Based on everything so far, butterfly vibrators may sound like the perfect sex toys for solo masturbation, but you couldn't be more wrong. Like a bullet vibrator, you can incorporate your butterfly vibrator into partnered sex for ultimate satisfaction. Butterfly vibrators provide continuous clitoral stimulation that only adds to deep penetration's delight, helping you eventually get to your happier place.

So how do butterfly vibrators work? These sex toys provide direct clitoral stimulation that combines with light kissing sensation from the flappy and flexible antennae on top of the vibrator's head. The wings that fold slightly inwards flutter on the labia adding to the sensation. The rough head of the vibrator touches the clitoris providing direct touch and firm pressure that feels oh-so-amazing.

Types Of Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly vibrators are very popular among women because they are very versatile, and there is a toy for everyone. Ideally, butterfly vibrators vary based on the design, mode of use, and materials. Here are the different types of butterfly vibrators that you might come across:

By Materials

Like other vibrators, butterfly vibrators are made of different materials like plastic and silicone. If you are looking for a butterfly vibrator based on the materials, you have two options:

• Plastic Butterfly Vibrators

Compared to regular dildos and vibrators, butterfly vibrators are made of softer materials like rubber and plastic. This is because the vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris primarily. So the touch needs to be gentle.

• Silicone Butterfly Vibrators

Silicone vibrators are made primarily of silicone – a gentle material even on the skin. Silicone rabbit vibrators will allow you to enjoy the seamless satisfaction that only a vibrating toy can offer. With silicone butterfly vibrators, you might mistake the sensation for oral stimulation once the vibrator kisses your G-spot. This type of vibrator is ideal for people with sensitive skin since the silicone doesn't irritate the skin.

By Design

Butterfly vibrators are also classified in terms of design. The design determines the kind of stimulation and where that stimulation is concentrated. They include:

• Butterfly Vibrators With Straps

This is the most common type of butterfly vibrator. The vibrator has straps like those you would find on a strap-on dildo. However, rather than having a shaft, the vibrator is just a flap that sits on your vulva and clitoris. The straps are meant to hold the vibrator in place, stimulating the areas you want. This is the toy for you if you are all about pleasuring yourself to toe-curling orgasms. Strap butterfly vibrators come in different strapping styles. Some vibrators wrap around the waist or pelvic bones, while others are designed to wrap around your thighs.

• Butterfly Vibrator Panties

Butterfly vibrating panties work the same way as butterfly vibrators with straps. However, instead of the straps wrapping around your waist or thighs, the vibrator goes inside your underwear. So, in reality, you can wear your butterfly vibrator panties at work or social setting. Mostly, butterfly vibrator panties come in the form of G-strings and sexy thongs.

By Mode Of Use

Lastly, butterfly vibrators can be classified based on how they are used. Butterfly vibrators that fall in this category include:

• Butterfly Vibrator Dildos

Butterfly vibrator dildos are more of a hybrid since they feature a clitoral stimulator and shaft like an actual dido. The external stimulator is designed to rest on your clitoris while the dildo end penetrates the vagina delivering a complete sexual experience. Clitoral stimulation is okay, but if you enjoy sex more when there is penetration, this is the vibrator for you.

• Butterfly Strap-On

The butterfly strap-on is designed for lesbian couples as well as heterosexual couples who fancy the act of pegging. The butterfly strap-on vibrator is very different from the standard strap-on in that the wearer can still enjoy clitoral stimulation as they penetrate their partner and everyone enjoys intense sexual gratification.

• Vibrating Butterfly Rings

When delivering optimal sexual satisfaction, no sex toy does better than vibrating butterfly wings. The toy stimulates your clitoris while your partner penetrates you, or you handle the penetration with a dildo. Vibrating vaginal rings can be attached to the penis shaft so you can decide on the depth of vaginal penetration before the vibrator touches the clit.


Not everyone orgasms during penetrative sex. Sadly, most women require some help in that department, and that's why sex toys are so important. One of the most versatile sex toys is the butterfly vibrator. Butterfly vibrators are designed to look like a butterfly, complete with wings and antennae. The vibrators stimulate both the clitoris and the vulva for the ultimate sexual satisfaction. Some butterfly vibrators even come with a dildo so you can have the complete sexual satisfaction of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration.


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