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5 Best Bullet Vibrators For Women In 2022

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 13,2022

When we say good things come in small packages, the bullet vibrator is a true testament to that. Small, sleek, easy to use, discreet, and clit-rocking effective, bullet vibrators are popular among experienced sex toy users and beginners. Ideally, the world of sex toys, most of the time, feels overwhelming. You got classics like the Rabbit and Magic Wand, but then you also have a whole array of clit-sucking vibrators, vibrating dildos, vibrating panties, anal vibrators, couple vibrators, and app-controlled sex toys. The list is endless. But amidst all that, bullet vibratos still carry the day and continue to be the go-to-sex toys for many women. Why? Well, they are generally inexpensive and are very easy to use. Typically, you can even incorporate a bullet vibrator into partnered sex. Plus, they offer targeted clitoral stimulation, so-pleasurable that you’ll definitely reach orgasmic bliss.

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What Is A Bullet Vibrator?

Also referred to as a clitoral vibrator, a bullet vibrator is a sex toy smaller than your traditional vibrator. Bullet vibrators are shaped like a bullet, and just like an actual bullet, they are designed to hit the target by providing targeted stimulations. This pinpointed stimulation brings along intense pleasure that only takes you a step closer to an intense orgasm. On top of that, bullet vibrators are very easy to use, with mini bullet vibrators designed in a simple way to help you make the most of the sex toy even as a beginner.

So, if you are a fan of intensity and precision stimulation, bullet vibrators might just be the toys to take your solo or partner plays to the next level. Furthermore, there is also the issue of mobility. Well, to put it simply, bullet vibrators are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.

In reality, bullet vibrators come in all sizes and shapes and make for one of the most versatile sex toy categories. The category has everything from tiny and discreet options not bigger than a finger to larger magic wands that double up as clit massagers. Some rabbit vibrators even have tiny “rabbit ears” like your classic rabbit vibrator, while others come with a suction head that uses air to stimulate your clitoris.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bullet Vibrator

While bullet vibrators are versatile, these sex toys are designed to handle one thing at a time. So, figure out why you need a vibrator in the first place before you buy one. It could be that you want a vibrator for clitoral stimulation, penetration, or something else entirely. There are also different types of bullet vibrators like the magic bullet vibrator, silver bullet vibrator, and remote-control bullet vibrator. Let’s look at factors you need to consider when buying a bullet vibrator.


Like other sex toys, bullet vibrators come in a variety of materials. They can be made of porous materials and non-porous materials.

• Porous materials bullet vibrators: When you are looking for a vibrator that you will constantly be using, don’t buy one made of porous materials. Why? Porous materials aid bacterial growth and are also very difficult to clean. Porous materials include rubber, vinyl, jelly, and PVC.

• Non-porous material bullet vibrators: Silicone, lucite, glass, and stainless steel are what good vibrators are made of. Such vibrators are easy to clean, and you never have to worry about bacterial build-up because bacteria stay on the surface where they are easily accessible when cleaning.

Size And Shape

As mentioned, bullet vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Some are shaped like an actual bullet, while others look more like an egg than a bullet. Size-wise, there is a whole world of options to choose from. When it comes down to it, the uniqueness of a bullet vibrator lies in the small size that allows you to stimulate specific erogenous zones, so don’t expect to find something overly large.

Stimulation Zones

This is a big one. Bullet vibrators are designed to provide targeted clitoral stimulation. If you want to pamper your clitoris during solo play or penetrative sex with a partner, get yourself a bullet vibrator. You can even get a bullet vibrator alongside other vibrators in your collection, like vaginal and anal dildos.

Waterproof And Power

With bullet vibrators, you can choose from an array of toys that feature electric-powered vibrators and even remote-controlled vibrators. On the other hand, bullet vibrators also come in waterproof options, so you can use your toy wherever even when in the bathroom.

Vibration Intensity And Noise

Ideally, when buying a vibrator, one thing that is usually on your mind is the vibration intensity. After all, you are getting a sex toy to take your sex life to the next level and help you explore your body in ways no partners have ever been able to. The intensity varies from one bullet vibrator to another, but they all have one thing in common; stimulating your clitoris to help you achieve orgasmic bliss. Get a rabbit vibrator with the intensity that resonates with you; otherwise, you might end up feeling very disappointed having spent all that money on a toy that doesn’t do it for you. When it comes to noise, you don’t want a vibrator that alerts the whole neighborhood that you are having a solo session. Get a vibrator that is as quiet as possible to help you make the most of it. Imagine this; a silent vibrator delivering the most intense stimulation to your erogenous zones. That’s the dream!

How To Use A Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators can be a little intimidating due to their small size, and you might not know what to do with them, especially if you are new to the sex toy game. Here are things to remember when using a bullet vibrator for the first or hundredth time.

Connect The Vibrator To The Stimulation Zone

By default, rabbit vibrators are designed to massage the clitoris. They are small enough for that. So, place your vibrator on your clitoris, turn it on and let it do the rest. You can adjust the pressure as you go based on how you are feeling.

Solo And Partnered Play

Bullet vibrators may be small, but that doesn’t mean using them only for solo play. If you are open to exploring things with your partner, incorporate the bullet vibrator into your couple play. Like you would during solo masturbation, place the vibrator on your clit and let it do its magic while your partner penetrates you for maximum stimulation.

Safe Usage

Bullet vibrators are fun to use, but that also means considering safe usage. It doesn’t mean killing the fun but ensuring you are safe every time you use your sex toy. For instance, sex toys, including your tiny bullet vibrator, can harbor bacteria, so ensure that you clean your toy after every use. Storage-wise, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


Bullet vibrators are a favorite for many women and can be yours too. Bullet vibrators are smaller than standard vibrators and dildos and are designed for clitoral stimulation. They also come in all shapes and sizes, and this versatility is what makes this category popular. The best thing about a bullet vibrator is that it can fit right inside your pocket or handbag. I don’t know about you, but knowing I have a sex toy in my bag takes my confidence to another level, and I can’t help feeling sexy all day.


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