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Anal Vibrators Guide for Men Who Are Willing to Give It a Try

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 29,2022

Anal vibrators are commonplace these days. Men, women, and non-binary people can enjoy these toys! If you have a prostate, anal orgasms are unlike anything you have experienced.

Anal stimulation can be intimidating for beginners. With this guide, we hope to explain the basics and show you some great options so you can find the best anal vibrators for men who are willing to give it a try.

What Exactly is an Anal Vibrator?

These toys stimulate the anus and parts beyond through a battery-powered motor that generates pleasing vibrations that ripple through the body.

Unlike other insertable toys, an anal vibe can be as small as, or even smaller than, an egg. However, more extensive options rival the enormous dildos that are available.

They can come pre-programmed with several vibration routines to simulate penetration, encourage orgasm, and more through pulsating patterns.

Is an Anal Vibrator Right for Me?

Anal vibrators for men who are willing to give it a try are made for anyone looking to push the limits of their sexual pleasure and sex lives. If you have not explored ass-play before, you are in for a treat. But before continuing, consider if you have any medical condition that would make anal sex unsafe or painful.

If you are a man reading this, trust us when we say that a male anal vibrator will change your life. Prostate stimulation is pleasurable for straight or gay men.

How We Picked the Best Anal Vibrators for this List?

Butt toys come in so many shapes, sizes, and strengths that we considered them as much as possible to make our valuable list to anyone looking for some anal pleasure.

A good ass vibrator needs to be reliable, safe, and comfortable. Our list also includes anal vibrators for men that are built with a man’s body in mind.

Some even have bonus features like app-based control or a remote so you can have hands-free fun with a partner.

Our top concerns:

· The safety of each vibrator.

· User-friendliness. Are these anal vibes easy to use for beginners or meant for advanced users?

· Quality materials. Our chosen best anal vibrators are made of body-safe materials like silicone.

· Effectiveness. This list includes vibrators suited for deep penetration, big orgasms, or both.

Types of Anal Vibrators

There are a few general categories every anal vibe will fall into.

Probes or Massagers

Massager anal vibes are best anal vibrators for men who are willing to give it a try and are up to four inches long and are made to reach a specific spot inside the ass, often the prostate. Their smaller size and direct purpose make them a good choice for beginners.


Like their non-vibrating versions, butt plug vibes are meant to stay put for extended periods. Their shape makes them easy to hold in the anus while their pleasurable vibrations go to work. One of the best features of a vibrating plug is the freedom to do things with your partner while it is in. Engaging in oral or penetrative sex while wearing a vibrating plug can amp up sex.


Better suited for people with a little bit of anal experience, these vibrators are more significant and made in interesting, regular shapes to make pushing them in and pulling them out a whole experience.

Your Experience with Anal Sex

· Beginners—If you are a complete beginner, we do not recommend starting with strands of beads or balls. Getting used to ass-play takes some time and practice. Browse our picks of butt plugs and probes. Select a small anal vibrator that offers simple vibration patterns. Plugs are an excellent beginner choice because they stay inside once you insert them.

· Experienced—With the beginner phase out of the way, it becomes a question of personal taste. Do you like powerful vibrations? Do you prefer thrust?

We think a remote control or app-connected vibe is a must-have once you know anal vibrators are something you are into. Being able to lay back and adjust speed, strength, and pattern is game-changing. You will never go back. This is also an excellent feature for playing with a partner.

Choosing the Best Material, Shape, and Texture

Silicone is the best material for anal vibrators for men who are willing to give it a try because it is soft, durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. If you see one made of latex or hard plastic, run for the hills. It is too easy to hurt yourself with these materials.

Anal vibrator cleaning after each use is essential, and silicone makes this simple. You will be able to trust that your vibe is clean and free of bacteria if you keep your silicone clean.

The shape is more important for anal vibrators than other toys. It is essential for men looking to hit their prostates. Small anal vibrators with a slight curve are made to target the prostate without being too difficult to fit inside.

Tips for Anal Play and Using an Anal Vibrator

Any ass-play should be done safely. Follow our tips to set yourself up for success and some incredible orgasms.

· Always use lube - Using too much lube when talking about the butt is almost impossible. Water-based is always a safe choice, but silicone-based lube has slipperiness and staying power for deeper, more intense play.

· Verify that your choice of lube is compatible - Silicone-based and oil-based lubes can damage silicone vibrators. You can use a condom over your toy to protect it from degradation.

· Go slow - We cannot stress this enough. Give yourself time to get comfortable and open. Never go straight in with the toy, fingers first.

· Put down a towel - Consider investing in cool grey or dark-colored towels, so they do not cramp your style in the bedroom and are not at risk of getting stained. Towels are easier to clean than bedding.


Vibrating anal toys are perfect for stimulating places that are hard to reach. They offer a new masturbation experience to men without prostate stimulation. Plus, an anal vibrator works great on its own or with a partner to enhance penetrative sex. Anal vibes come with different vibration patterns and textures to tailor the intense sensations to each buyer's tastes.


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