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Anal Masturbation Tips To Make It Intensely Pleasurable

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 03,2022

Most people know how to masturbate the old-fashioned way. Some people have even taken sexuality further and experimented with anal play with a partner. While the exploration of anal play comes naturally to others, you may have to work yourself up to the idea, maybe at the insistence of your mate. However, you may experience more extreme orgasms if you know how to masturbate anally in a form that works with your body.

What Is Anal Masturbation?

Anal masturbation is pleasuring yourself by stimulating the nerve endings in and around your anus and rectum, either with your fingers or a sex toy. With patience and preparation, solo anal play can add another layer of pleasure to your masturbation sessions, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

What Types of Anal Sex Toys Exist

Dildos You can use them anally as long as they've got a flared base. Experiment with angled dildos and thrusting.

Juicing dildos are generally glass and have a flared base with a crank that you use to turn them rather than thrust them.

Anal vibrators vary in size and shape. Many are "C" shaped or look similar to G-spot toys. You may be able to thrust with the right shape or hold them in place.


The size, shape, color, and purpose of anal toys can vary. You can gradually increase the size if you'd like. Some toys are shaped like tongues to imitate rim jobs.


The material is silicone, used in almost every high-quality sex toy. Silicone can be molded to be softer or firmer and is realistic to the touch. Cyber skin is also used for a more genuine, skin-like feel.

Tips For Anal Masturbation

There are two ways to masturbate: first, stimulate the entrance area of the anus with your fingers and second, insert your fingers or anus sex toys into the anus and stimulate the prostate gland, which will lead to ejaculation. Here are some anal masturbation tips you should use.

Keep Things Clean

First thing, wash your hands. You need to make efforts to keep your anus clean. It has a delicate microbial balance. You don't want to cause an infection. Same for washing toys.

Set A Sexy Backdrop

A calm atmosphere makes a real difference in your experience. Take a warm bath, light an aromatic candle, or masturbate your genitals.

Use Plenty Of Lube

As with anal sex, you should keep lube handy for anal solo pleasure. Use silicone-based or water-based lube, but steer clear of oil-based versions.

Go Slowly

This means you should begin with your fingers or very small anal-approved toys around the opening of the anus to evaluate how it feels.

Go Around, Not Inside

Go around your anus rather than inside when you're just beginning. To start exploring anal masturbation, start externally and get comfortable and familiar with the sensation.

Just breathe

Exploring this region can be a somewhat nerve-racking experience, so be patient with yourself and take as much time as you require to get used to it.

Try The Shower

It is found that playing with the stream from my shower head is a great way to begin enjoying anal sensations sexually.

Go Gradually If You're Using Anal Sex Toys

For each session, start with a finger until it feels extremely comfortable, then add a second finger until it feels completely comfortable. Then, finally, add your toys.

Try Micro Movements If You're Trying Anal Sex Toys For The First Time

See how very small movements feel before you get to the point of faster/harder.

Use A Bigger Toy

"If you have experience with anal masturbation and appreciate it, you can proceed to bigger toys for insertion.

Try A Butt Plug

You can use plugs not just for masturbation but for dilation. They can be worn for longer periods.

Use A Vibrating Sex Toy

When a said toy has a vibrating component, you can take your anal exploration to another level. Ensure that vibrating toy is made for the anal area.

Experiment With A Stainless Steel Dildo

If vibrations aren't for you, you may hit buttocks bliss with a stainless steel dildo "for firmer, fuller pressure.

How To Use Anal Masturbator

Clean Your Anal Properly

First, you should go to the bathroom and clean your rectum. If you clean it perfectly, you can enjoy anal masturbation without getting stool on your fingers or goods. You can use an enema or anal product until the excrement is clear.

Start Stimulation

After washing, caress the anal area with the lotion and loosen the anal tension little by little. When putting a finger into the anal cavity, you are suggested a relaxed position on all fours or with open legs. Twirl the lube in your hand and insert your finger into the anus. Instead of inserting the whole finger into the anus, try moving it slowly up and down, but just at the first joint. Then, Insert your finger into the anus up to the second joint and turn your finger toward your belly.

Keep It Safe

Anal masturbation involves inserting a finger or other things into a place to be used for excretion. If you feel pain while doing anal masturbation, stop the masturbation.

What To Do When You're Done

Be sure to wash your hands and not neglect to clean the goods you use after anal masturbation. If you leave the merchandise as it is, bacteria will grow, and it may become unsanitary.

How To Choose Anal Masturbators?

You should only put things in your anus designed to be put in there. That's because anything that isn't a toy made for anal play may get sucked up inside you and can be difficult to get out, causing damage. Once you get into anal masturbation, you may get carried away and want to insert something bigger. Only insert specially-made anal sex toys. Anal toys are made to be inserted into the anus and are safe to use.

Anal Masturbation Pros

● Reduce stress

● Boost your mood

● Increase sexual confidence

● Help you sleep

Anal Masturbation Cons

● Colon perforation

● Anal tearing is always a risk

● Increase the risk of bacterial infection


What are the best toys for anal masturbation?

Beginners primarily try using a plug, or several different sizes of plugs, to experiment with pleasant, progressive dilation. There are so many toys made for anal masturbation.

How To Tell Partner you want to Try Anal Play?

Anal play can be a challenging topic to bring up, especially if you're not used to having such intimate conversations. But it's essential to maintain open and honest communication with your partner and remember the anal masturbation tips. The easiest way is just to ask.


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