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A Simple & Effective Way to Explain Female Ejaculation

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 01,2023

There is much evidence pointing to the fact that some females experience - ejaculation when aroused and climaxing is urine. And there is as much written in science journals that say the discharge or fluid is ejaculate matter and not urine. What is known is that female ejaculation is characterized by fluid discharge near the vagina. It can happen before an orgasm when the woman is sexually aroused or even during orgasm. Ladies who ejaculate say the feeling of spurting when you climax totally differs from the feeling of voiding your bladder. So let's know more about everything about female ejaculation:

What is female ejaculation?

It's a discharge from the vagina or near the vagina either during or before an orgasm. It's often confused with squirting or gushing, but in fact, they are considered to be completely different bodies of work, according to research on the subject, which, as you can imagine, is extensive. It's also colloquially called 'she-jaculation.' Not to be confused with the lubrication by the vagina at the time of intercourse to ease penetration.

And what does it look like?

It can be milky or clear. It can be thick or thin. It can be copious or a teaspoonful. Female ejaculate actually looks pretty much like male ejaculate, except that it does not contain sperm. But the liquid that ejects from the vagina when you squirt or gush is much thinner and colorless.

What Causes Female Ejaculation?

The exact causes of female ejaculation are unclear. Some researchers believe that ejaculation is attained through vaginal, clitoral, and G-spot stimulation, often using a vibrator. Some vulva owners report expelling the fluid during orgasm, while others express this fluid upon sexual stimulation. Additionally, some vulva owners report a link between ejaculation and their menstrual cycle, reporting that they are more likely to ejaculate after ovulation and before menstruating.

Is Female Ejaculation Actually Urine?

The answer is tricky. The first major study that looked into squirting back in 2014 determined the liquid was pee. Researchers found urea, creatinine, and uric acid concentrations — all major components of urine — in the excretions of all seven study participants. But the ejaculate is also not pee. Sometimes it's a milky fluid, and researchers think what distinguishes the two might be where it comes from.

Is Female Ejaculation Real? Yup—And Here Are 5 Ways to Help Her Do It

Female ejaculation, a.k.a. Squirting is the highest compliment in the bedroom: if you've made a woman squirt, you know that you're doing something right. "Female ejaculation comes from the female prostate gland located on the anterior wall of the vagina and is about 3 to 5 cc's of a fluid that looks like watered-down fat-free milk.

Yet she wants to be clear that female ejaculation and what you think of as "squirting" — a.k.a. the gushing of fluid you've probably seen in porn — are two totally different things. Unlike female ejaculate, a small amount of milky white fluid from the female prostate gland, lab studies have determined that squirting is basically the result of women with weak pelvic muscles peeing a little bit during orgasm. "Squirting is diluted urine with a small amount of the components of female ejaculation." Female ejaculation is much harder to attain: only an estimated 10 percent of women can do it, according to recent studies.

Regardless of whether squirting is prostate fluid, pee, or a little bit of both, one thing is for certain: If you're making her unusually wet, she's probably having a good time. But how do you get her to this lofty pedestal of pleasure? Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the job done.

Keep her hydrated.

It's generally a good idea to drink a lot of water if you plan on having sex, but that's doubly true if squirting is on the agenda. Squirting is based on how hydrated you are. "If you want your partner to squirt, make sure she drinks tons of water that day with lots of electrolytes."

Find her G-spot.

It's essential to find the G-spot or the walnut-sized tissue two inches inside the vagina on the top of the vaginal wall. "Most individuals who can and do produce ejaculate will say that G-spot stimulation will result in such a climax. This produces an orgasm more like a bottle rocket than a Roman candle."

The two best sex positions for G-spot stimulation are missionary and cowgirl. You can make your partner squirt if she's riding you and you're pounding the G-spot or during missionary."

Still, having trouble finding it? Having your partner lie on her back. Then insert two fingers inside her vagina and make a "come hither" motion to stimulate her G-spot.

Don't be afraid to use sex toys.

There are tons of sex toys specifically designed for G-spot stimulation and female ejaculation.

Ace chemistry.

Female ejaculation has everything to do with making an emotional connection during sex. Ejaculating is a stepping stone to a deeper connection. You feel more of a sense of closeness to your partner, like, wow, this sex is different. "you've never ejaculated where it wasn't passionate. It was all intense, amazing sex each time."

"Yes, you can hit the G-spot during missionary, but there is so much more to it than that. Missionary is one of the best positions for attaining that level of intimacy and connection. "Kiss her neck, suck her nipples, look into her eyes. Talk dirty to her."

Make it memorable

If a lady can acquire ejaculation, she isn't going to do so at the drop of a hat. That's why you must go above and beyond with foreplay and during sex. "Having sex is an art and a craft, and I feel like if you're going to have sex with someone, make it memorable. "Give it your all. Don't half-ass it."


Does it affect your period? What about pregnancy?

It's unclear if female ejaculation has any effect on menstruation or pregnancy.

What are the main health benefits of female ejaculation?

The following is a list of the most common benefits:

● Extraordinary intense orgasm, which causes not just physical and sexual pleasure but also mental enjoyment.

● It can improve a woman's sexual confidence

● It can improve a couple's sex life


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