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A Brief Explanation About Male Masturbrator Cups

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 28,2022

Individuals use male masturbator cups for various reasons, including masturbating, improving oral sex and hand jobs, and boosting stamina. Masturbation is a direct way to relieve sexual tension and enjoy pleasure, whether you want to purchase a masturbator for solo use or try something new with a partner. Some individuals are embarrassed about using the masturbation cup, while others claim to be nervous when they have to use a masturbator in the bedroom. However, it is harmless and makes you feel good. So, don't be a coward when it comes to enjoying your sexual experience.

What are Masturbator Cups

Male Masturbator Cup is the perfect disguise for your toy, and lets the masturbator be completely concealed with the click of a lid. The cups are available in several colorways so that you can keep them as discreet and simple as you like. Similar to sleeves, these toys tend to feature an anatomically shaped opening but with a hard outer casing that protects the toy and gives you plenty of grip during use. The entrance leads to a textured and ribbed shaft for unbeatable sensations with every movement.

Types Of Male Masturbation Cups

Male Masturbation cups are the most common sex toys for men which come in varieties of types, shapes, and materials. So, that you can enjoy every aspect of real penetration like feel or a real blow job like experience.

Hand Free Masturbator

This type of Male Masturbation cup is like a crystal clear vagina with multiple inner vaginas-like sleeves to stroke your penis during thrusting to give you a real-life vaginal penetration-like feel. The folds are usually densely packed, which will brush along your penis, giving each bulge and vein a sensual stroke in each thrust and spin. These come in different types. As these are automatic and hands-free, they have a vibratory motor attached for thrusting purposes.

Porn Star Masturbator

It resembles the real vagina and butt hole, which you can penetrate easily, just like real sexual intercourse. The realistic look and texture of the porn star masturbator are enough for any man to go nuts by penetrating it again and again and jerking off like never before. It is made for easy handheld use. The use of the Porn Star Masturbator resembles the traditional way of using your hands to rub your penis.

Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy Cups are what its name indicates. These are of small size and can fit inside your pocket, so that makes a perfect fit for you if you want to carry it discreetly anywhere you want. The Pocket Pussy Male Masturbation cups are designed for both penetrative and blow job experiences. Their one side has a human lips/mouth-like structure to give you a blowjob feel. While the other side has a real vagina-like structure and folds to help you enjoy penetrative pleasures. So, it's up to you what you want.

Flashlight Masturbation Cup

The name "Flashlight" is given to this type because it comes in an outer casing that looks exactly like a flashlight while the inner structure is made of silicone to give a realistic touch.

The structure looks like a flashlight with a large bulbous head (vaginal, anal, or mouth head) and an elongated structure behind to slip your penis as deep as you want. To use it, you will have to remove the cap, just like you do with a real flashlight, to reveal the silicone-made head.

Materials Of Male Masturbation Cups

Most of these materials are flexible and soft because they offer a lot of fun. Masturbation cups made from jelly material are very affordable. Cyberskin and rubber are some common soft materials that give the feeling of real female genitalia. Others are made of silicone and PVC, but because the materials are not very flexible.

How to Choose The Best Male Masturbator Cup

Personal Preference

Don't select a rough Male Masturbator Cup, as it may cause discomfort to your sensitive skin. If you have a wild libido and hard stimulation is what you are looking for, then sleeves featuring uncluttered skin, rough ridges, and bumps are perfect for you.


How attractive a male masturbation toy is depends a lot on its appearance. That's why such devices come in a variety of designs. They may look like an anal entrance, a vaginal entrance, or a set of soft lips. For those who are not enticed to any particular look and are happy as long as the device works, a functional.

How To Clean Masturbation Cup

The toys made with silicon can be easily cleaned with the help of mild soap and water. You can also buy sex toy cleaners to clean them. Most masturbation cups are made with silicon, so you can easily wash them. But it is necessary to wash your sex toy after each use.

How To Use Masturbrator Cup

Each type of Male Masturbator Cup has its different ways to use. You just have to wear hands free masturbation on your penis, and that's it, remove your hands and revel in the deep pleasure of realistic sexual intercourse. The use of the porn star masturbator resembles the traditional way of using your hands to rub your penis. You can slow down or increase the rubbing as much as you want to enjoy the real vagina or anal-penetrating feel. Pocket Pussy usage is the same as the Porn Star Masturbator. To use Flashlight Masturbation Cup, you will have to remove the cap, just like you do with a real flashlight, to reveal the silicone-made head.

Pros Of Male Masturbation Cups

● The masturbation cup gives you your own complete space for fun.

● Masturbation cups are very convenient to carry secretely.

Cons Of Male Masturbation Cups

● Some toys are expensive

● Some toys' motor isn't that strong

● Some require lots of lubricants


What is the material of Male Masturbator Cup?

The material for making masturbation cups is mainly designed by non-toxic medical soft silicone, with moderate softness, and the interior design is designed according to the internal structure of actual people, which can completely become a substitute for women. Moreover, the masturbation cup is compact and the internal structure is the same as that of a woman's private part. However, some are made with other materials like cyberskin, rubber and PVC.

Is it safe to have sex with masturbator cups?

Yes absolutely. The correct use of masturbator cups will not spread any diseases and there is no need to worry about safety. As it is your personal toy which you can possess at any time and have fun.

Is it cheating if you masturbate whilst you are in a relationship?

The quick response to this answer is a big, resounding no. If you’ve agreed to be monogamous with your partner, that’s to be respected, but it shouldn’t rule out a bit of masturbation. It doesn’t detract from being in a committed relationship and, if anything, will enhance your and your partner’s sex life in the long run.


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