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Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 21,2023


Hi, I'm Alex and I'm always interested in trying new and exciting products. 

Today I bring you a masturbation cup that is not only visually impactful, but also very practical. I share my honest thoughts about the product, including its design, functional experience, and usage tips.

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Hamster 7 Telescopic Squeezing 12 Vibration Masturbator Experience More Authentic Piston



Charming design

This flying mug brilliantly captures the essence of Eva from Wall-E in a charming mini version. It’s side handles are reminiscent of her arms, while the central transparent window acts like her viewing door, revealing a vibrant interior. When opened, the top display acts like her eyes, adding a smart interactive touch. For robotics enthusiasts, the design of this product is sure to resonate.

--Compare the size to my iPhone14. It is slightly longer than the size on the manual by 1 inch. The liner is measured by hand at about 6 inches, which is suitable for the length of most men's erections. Coupled with the elasticity of the soft rubber, it can fully wrap the penis.


Functionally, the left side manages stroking modes, while the right side controls thrust settings and high-speed mode. Handling the device is quite the intuitive affair.manipulating the controls becomes almost second nature after a few uses The sleeves are soft and stretchy for the perfect balance, unlike the usual cups that are too soft or too stiff. Richly textured canals provide a realistic experience. 

The Eva has stroking and thrusting actions, and I use both to keep myself hard while using it, ensuring that I liberally add plenty of waterbased lube liberally to enhance the sensations as well as ensure the machine runs smoothly against my erection. The masturbator has a multitude of different stroking settings, some that simply move back and forth, and others that change speed and intensity to keep the sensations different. The thrusting action can also be lengthened to create a more intense feeling, meaning that the Eva has a lot of potential for a different experience every time, and even adjusting it during a session if so desired.

As the internal part of the aforementioned, grips my member from the moment I enter, entices me to go as slow as possible until I (inevitably) explode.


  • The best way to use this grip design is on a cowgirl
  • It's compact body means there are no limitations when using it at home. 
  • As long as you don't plan on using it outdoors, the decibel levels are perfectly reasonable
  • The digital display provides battery information ensuring you have complete control every time you use it. 
  • Cleaning is very simple: just remove the inner sleeve from the rotating part and rinse with water. 
  • It even works seamlessly as a bedside table or bookshelf decoration.

Hamster 7 Telescopic Squeezing 12 Vibration Masturbator Experience More Authentic Piston



Overall, the technical look of this product makes it perfect for gifting or personal use. The sleeve is richly textured and provides a very realistic wrap feel during use, while the telescoping and vibrating functions add to the Eva's "oomph".

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