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The Ultimate Guide On Male Blowjob Toy

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 06,2022

For some guys, getting a blowjob is the best-feeling sexual experience, even better than vaginal and anal sex.

But even if you have a wife or a girlfriend, not all women like giving blowjobs or want to give them as frequently as you'd like. That's where blowjob machines come in.

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What Is A Male Blowjob Machine?

Male blowjob machines are dick-sucking machines. It replicates the intense sensations of a real blowjob, inspiring a feel-good experience. While you must sprinkle water-based lube to compensate for the lack of saliva, the best devices feel more or less like a realistic blowjob.

Types of Male Blowjob Machines

● Manual: Probably the most common of the two, a manual blowjob machine is precisely what the name suggests. It's designed to inspire a realistic blowjob experience, but you'll have to control the intensity manually.

● Automatic: With technology, automatic male blowjob toy do all the work for you. No manual thrusting or rubbing your penis; slide the dick inside and use the control panel to regulate the deep throat sensation.

Material of Blowjob Machines

Like most sex toys, male blowjob toys are made from silicone or thermoplastics. The outer cases are usually made of ABS plastic and other strong materials. All these materials are non-porous, body-safe, hypoallergenic, and durable in the long run. However, I recommend the former if you have to choose between silicone and thermoplastics.

Size of Blowjob Machines

The size of your BJ machine will determine its ease of use and portability. These blowjob devices can be anywhere between 3-11 inches. A bigger size might mean incredible sensations because of a full-size canal, but you'll have to deal with transport and storage issues. So, consider how you want to use the blowjob sex toy and choose accordingly.

How to Use a Male Blowjob Toy

Blowjob Simulator is a great way to add variety to your sex life; they are perfect to use alone or with a partner.

Clean the blowjob simulator before using it! Don't forget to add some water-based lubricants after cleaning. Lube cuts down on friction and disperses vibration, making you feel better! After the preparations, put your penis into the toy's mouth.

Press the power button; the blowjob toy will stimulate your penis head, glans, or testicles as you like by vibrating, thrusting, rotating, heating, or squeezing! While putting on the heating function, the blowjob toy gets warm in a few minutes, just like the temperature in a real mouth.

Choose a soft vibration mode; the blowjob simulator will treat you like a gentlewoman and help you get into the state soon!

Change it to a stronger mode, and gradually the male blowjob toy moves faster and faster, just like a hot sexy woman is making deep oral sex for you! You can feel the stimulation get stronger, and your penis gets harder!

You'll soon find a great way to use this blowjob toy, so experiment with different grip strokes and levels of tightness.

How To Clean A Male Blowjob Machine

Blowjob machines are easy to clean and maintain. Of course, the sophisticated models may need more time to clean, but the vast majority won't be a pain. In most cases, you'll only need antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner and warm water.

Most importantly, ensure the sleeve is completely dry before shoving it back into the device.

Finally, please store them in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight.

How to Choose the Best Male Blowjob Masturbator

Suppose you don't know where to find the best blowjob toys. Don't worry; you can read the following, and you'll be able to find them:

● Don't choose to buy the cheapest sex toy blowjob on the market. Usually, the price of a man's blowjob toy can vary from $10 to $200.

● Please pay attention to the price. Price is usually a good indicator of the quality of the best male blowjob toy. A more expensive oral auto blowjob toy is generally better and lasts longer.

● Please choose the middle price range if you have the above two ideas.

● Choose the size and design of your blowjob sex toys that best suit you. Then, the masturbator will bring you the ultimate thrill.

● Pay attention to the most popular realistic blowjob toy device. That would be people's favorite.

Pros of Blowjob Machines:

● Widely considered the most authentic blowjob experience

● Made by the brand behind some of the best sex toys for men

● Amazing lifelike feel

● Easy to clean

● Discreet looking

● fully waterproof

● Requires no batteries or charging

● Excellent warranty and customer support

Cons of Blowjob Machines:

● No automatic features

● Must use your hand for the full experience

● Not a very lifelike look if you want visual stimulation


Why Use A Blowjob Machine?

You put your penis in, and the blowjob sex toy sucks, moves up and down, vibrates, or some combination of all three to stimulate your orgasm.

There's a lot of variation; some are more or less sophisticated than others with things like syncing to porn videos, but that's the gist of the process.

What Type Of Lube To Use With Blowjob Machines?

You should use water-based lube with blowjob machines. That's because oil and silicone-based lube can damage the soft plastic material lining many blowjob machines.

You'll want a nice slippery lube with some substance to it – thicker is probably going to be better in most cases.

Do Blowjob Machines Feel Realistic?

Yes! The latest male blowjob toy is designed to feel as realistic as possible, close to a real blowjob. Of course, the experience is different for everyone, and what feels great for me might not be for you. I think robotic toys will never phase out human partners but complement them.

So, even if the machine doesn't feel exactly like the real thing, it can come pretty close. Some of these pleasure machines also offer Virtual Reality porn compatibility, adding a new layer of visual stimulation and making the experience more realistic.

Can Uncut Men Use Blowjob Machines?

Of course!

As long as you're hard and ready. The same basic rules apply – you probably don't want to use most blowjob machines while you're soft as it might pull on your dong unpleasantly.

The only thing uncircumcised guys should look out for is not to get your skin caught in any of the mechanisms, which would only be an issue in some poorly designed, cheaper machines.


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