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How To Make A Blowjob Simulator: The Ultimate Guide

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 27,2022

Love oral, but currently rolling solo? No problem. Smarter people than us have created Blowjob Simulators that mimic a real bj. If you are looking for a blow job on demand, you no longer have to close your eyes and fantasize. A well-lubricated blow job toy will curb your oral sex craving thanks to the ultra-realistic experience that they provide.

What is a Blowjob Simulator?

A blowjob simulator is a masturbator with a mouth opening that creates the feeling of a blowjob in different ways. For example, it can give a sucking feeling using a pump, vacuum, or electronic suction. It is also possible that the sensation of oral sex is created through rotating 'tongues' or rotating beads that stimulate the shaft and glans of the penis.

Types of Blowjob Simulators

● Penis pumps: Penis pumps make your penis longer and thicker and create a sucking feeling. This makes them very suitable as blowjob simulators.

● Hard case simulators: Some have a hard case with a soft interior. This way, you can discreetly store your masturbator. The housing also ensures a good grip during use.

● Soft Simulators: Soft simulators are made entirely of soft and flexible material that feels like real skin. This contributes to a realistic experience and ensures that you can put extra pressure on your penis during use.

● 'Licking' simulators: Some simulators create a licking feeling because 'tongues' go over your penis. This is especially the case with the Flicking Tongue, designed to mimic the feeling of a licking tongue.

● With vibrations: There are blowjob simulators with and without vibrations. The simulators with vibrations work the same as normal simulators but give an extra dimension through the vibrations so that you experience even more stimulation.

How to Make a Blowjob Simulator

You need to strictly follow these 8 instructions if you want to know How to Make a Blowjob Simulator. Break a can in half and adjust the soft sponges in it. Also, you have to adjust the space for inserting the point of your penis.

● After that, you have to insert the gloves smoothly into the can and cover the whole area of the can with the glove cuff. Then, you should use tape to strengthen the glove more accurately. After that, you made half of the blowjob toy.

● You must use a rope to firmly wrap the middle part of the can. Then produce three circles on two sides at the top of the can. Also, ensure that the toy can be easily hung with a strong hook.

● After that, you have to tape the whole body of the can to make it more firm for you and you feel safe.

● In these last steps, you have to find the best place to hang the small pulley, or also you can install a screw hook in any available space, like the door, table, or ceiling part of your home.

● You have to apply a perfectly snap hook to the blowjob simulator.

● Connect your blowjob machine with a pulley rope. After that, you can easily control your sex toy with your hand by stretching the rope ups and down.

● In the end, you must wear the bungee on your waist to effectively use the blowjob simulator.

How do you Use a Blowjob Simulator

After knowing How to Make a Blowjob Simulator it is very important to know how to use it . A blowjob simulator is used in the same way as a regular masturbator. Put some lubricant on your penis and in the simulator and slide your penis into the simulator. Then move the simulator up and down with your hand. You have to turn on and hold some simulators, the ones with vibrations, with beads, and the licking simulators. The rest is done automatically. Some simulators run on batteries, but some variants are rechargeable with a USB cable. Pay close attention to whether the masturbator contains silicone material. No silicone lubricant can be used in that case, as this will corrode the material and make hygienic use impossible.

How do you Clean this Product

Because there are different blowjob simulators, they are also cleaned differently. The simulators, which have an opening at the back, can easily be cleaned by running some toy cleaner or lukewarm water with mild antibacterial soap. Then you can let them dry. You can also clean simulators with a pump in this way. Simulators with housing have soft sleeves inside that you can take out all or part of. You can also clean these toys with a toy cleaner or water and soap. Electronic blowjob simulators cannot withstand water and should be cleaned with a toy cleaner and a dry clean cloth.

Choosing the Right Blowjob Simulator

Do you need a blowjob simulator? If yes, then there are some factors that you need to consider. When going for these sex toys, make sure you know the right elements you need to consider.

Conduct Thorough Research

As mentioned, you should spare time and research to make informed decisions. With enough research, you will know all the buying tips you need.

Consider Performance and Power

When buying these sex toys, understand that they can be battery-operated, manual, or USB rechargeable. Note that the performance and power of these machines lead to ease of use.

Create Your Budget

If you are going for sex toys, create your budget. When you come up with your budget, ensure that you decide how much you are ready to spend. Since there are different types of blowjob machines, they will vary in price.

Pros of Blowjob Simulator:

● Excellent price-to-quality ratio

● Great suction and inner ribbing

● Very easy to clean

● Long-lived

Cons of Blowjob Simulator:

● Some guys found the inner ribbing too intense.

● The material could split with very fierce and rough use.


Will it work hands-free?

You can turn almost all strokers and bj simulators into a hands-free sex toy if it does not include a suction cup or function out of the box that allows for hands-free fun.

The best method to go hands-free is to stick it between the cushions of a couch and then get on your knees and thrust like you would with partner sex.

Can I use a Blowjob Simulator in the shower?

That all depends on the toy you choose. Anything without a motor is acceptable to use in the shower or bathtub. However, if your toy has a motor, then you need to follow the instructions of that toy. If it says it is waterproof, you are good to go. If it isn't waterproof, it's a no-go. Using a toy with a motor in water that isn't waterproof will destroy your toy.


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