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About anonymous orders

Author: Bestvibe Date:26-09-2021

About anonymous orders

Q1: How to check my order?

- You can check your order and logistics information in the Bestvibe member center as long as you haven't changed your browser or device. Orders placed within the past month will be visible in 'My Orders' (no login required).

Q2 : Why can't I locate my order?

-Your anonymous orders won't be automatically associated with your registered account if you placed an order before registering. Therefore, if you made anonymous orders prior to registration and would like to access them, please reach out to our customer service team at service@bestvibe.com for assistance. They will help link your previous orders to your registered account. For orders placed after registration, they will automatically be linked to your account.

Q3 : Why can't I track my order?

There are several scenarios where tracking logistics may not be available:

● The product hasn't been shipped yet.

● The product is prepared for shipping, but the tracking number hasn't been generated.

● The product is currently out of stock in the local warehouse.

● Delay due to system updates.

● Mismatched or incorrect tracking links or numbers.

If you wish to receive the most up-to-date and specific information about your order's status, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at service@bestvibe.com.

Bestvibe prioritize customer privacy, so we recommend that you consider becoming a member.When you register, your privacy remains secure on our website. By signing up, you'll unlock additional benefits, such as:

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Please note:

● If your IP address changes or cookies are cleared, your order may not be visible.

● Orders may not be visible if the local cache exceeds a 2-week limit.

● Anonymous orders are verified based on a generated local ID, which has a specific time limit. Changes to your browser, cookie clearance, or the presence of certain plug-ins may disrupt this matching process.

● Alternatively, you can register as a user, and once your email address is verified, all your orders will be automatically linked to your account.