6 Set Kegel Exercise Weights Ben Wa-Vaginal Balls

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Experience more powerful, body-shaking orgasms by training your Kegel muscles with these Wa-Vaginal Balls.

6 different kinds of combinations for women in different pelvic muscles tightening stages;

Comes with a silicone bead holder designed with a pull cord for easy retrieval; Recommended by bladder control doctor.


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Brand: Bestvibe

Bestvibe is a professional sex product brand. We are committed to improving the human sexual experience. Our team has grown and developed over the past 10 years and has won a number of loyal fans with quality products and services.

Features :

1. Bladder control

2. Easy to help pelvic floor muscles training

3. Provide 6 kinds of combinations for women in different pelvic muscles tightening stages

4.  Body safe material

5. Waterproof design

Specification :
Model Q20043
Function  Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises Tightening
Feature  2 gold, black, silver color balls
Size 0.65''x0.13x0.12"
Material  Slicone+ABS
Weight  320g
Color Gold, sliver and black

Package Included:

Kegel balls kit

kegel balls

Love the better you!

Bestvibe aim to help woman regain their confidence and transform their bodies. Tone up your pelvic floor of 6 free-roaming weights with these Ben Wa balls. Helping you rejuvenate your pelvic muscles in the most enjoyable way possible. Kegel exercises have never been so easy with this 6-piece training set. Weighing in at a beginner-friendly 20g and a challenging 90g, this set is perfect for enhancing your pelvic muscle and tone, making you feel better in the bedroom!

how to exercise

See the astonishing difference at Bestvibe!

For the best results train consintently 15-30 min. a day for the full 8 weeks and see the astonishing difference!

  • Week 1: 1 single silver 20g ball
  • Week 2: 1 single silver 20g ball
  • Week 3: 1 single gold 35g ball
  • Week 4: 2 silver 20g balls
  • Week 5: 1 silver 20g ball, 1gold 35g ball
  • Week 6: 2 gold 35g balls
  • Week 7: 1 gold 35g ball, 1 black 45g ball
  • Week 8: 2 black 45g balls


Regain Your Confidence!

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you regain your confidence! You can play with your partner, go shopping, be confident.

fast recovery

Benefits from Training Pelvic Floor Muscles

  • Cure urinary stress incontinence
  • Enhanced pelvic and bladder control
  • Increased confidence and intimacy
  • Improve Daily Satisfaction
  • Feel better in the bedroom


Feel Better in the Bedroom

It is time to reclaim your body, reclaim your power and take back control! This Ben Wa Balls Set have helped women across the USA feel more confident after giving birth all the way through menopause to increase their happiness and fulfilment.


You just go about doing whatever you're doing normally. Put the kegel balls in while and go about your normal routine like brushing teeth and getting dressed or doing housework or sports. Be holding the kegel weights in while doing these normal activities, you can't imagine how fast and amazing results you’ll get to regain your confidence!


These Kegel balls are perfectly weighted, encased in the best premium silicone holder and plated with safe metal and ABS masterial. Set of more than 6 different weights offer you more options, each weights is equipped with a silicone string,which is easy to pull out and clean.


6 Balls & 3 strings

Each ball has a different weight to increase. A single ball string and multiple ball string so that you have the maximum options for weight combinations

Discreet Package and user manual

Comes in a simple, compact, gift box which is perfect for discreet storage, an user manual make it perfect for beginners to use.

how to use

First wash hands with sterile soap. Secondly use mild water and sterile soap to clean the ball and the silicone ring belt. Next use towel or lint-free linen to tap to dry. Then place the water-soluble lubricant into the ball. Then hold up the ball which closed with silicone belt, and laying down, push it into body slowly. Please hold the silicone belt and clean it after using.

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Your privacy is our most important concern and and we’ve gone to court on multiple occasions to defend that right. With completely plain and boring packaging, you will receive your package discreetly. Our shipper name appears as "Mr.X" on the return address.

Neither "Bestvibe" nor our logo will appear anywhere on the outside of the package and there will be no mentioning of the nature of the contents. We also will state it contains Novelty and Gift on Customs Declaration form to avoid custom charges.

Great 04/23/2019
It’s a must!! 04/11/2019
Easy kegel exercise 03/11/2019
2nd week & 2nd weight size 03/09/2019




Great for Kegel exercises

Melodey Malone

It’s a must!!

I really enjoyed my kegel balls. I like how it has different strengths! If you wanna spice up your sex life these really help your pelvic floor. Your partner will enjoy these too ;) these also help with mothers who had babies & pee when they sneeze haha


Easy kegel exercise

I bought these kegels after having my third child. I haven't found them hard to insert or uncomfortable.The balls go in very easily and the feeling alone of them going in and being pushed up felt really good.I like wearing mine around the house doing the housework. They are great!


2nd week & 2nd weight size

I purchased these in an attempt to strengthen my bladder control. I am 45, had my daughter cat 22 & this year my bladder leaks have gotten worse & are more frequent than they used to be. I do Kegel exercises usually shortly after having a bladder leak & continue for maybe up to 3 days after. Then I forget until the next leak happens all the while fussing at myself for not remembering to do them on a regular basis/daily routine. These however, you have to physically use. Like any weight training workout, you start with lower weight's & once they become to easy - you increase the weight. Before increasing the weight size, try increasing the time you use them or change the way you use them, making it harder to keep them in = better workout. Repeat this process until you reach the maximum weight. 8 wks is the suggested time frame but as everyone varies, this would to. Currently, i'm only on the 2nd week & 2nd size weight. The instructions say everyday but i'm doing it every other day because that's my preference. Again, whatever works best for you. Either way, i'm determine & have a routine set, ensuring that these workouts happen. NO FORGETTING!

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6 Set Kegel Exercise Weights Ben Wa-Vaginal Balls

Experience more powerful, body-shaking orgasms by training your Kegel muscles with these Wa-Vaginal Balls.

6 different kinds of combinations for women in different pelvic muscles tightening stages;

Comes with a silicone bead holder designed with a pull cord for easy retrieval; Recommended by bladder control doctor.

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