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18Lb Crazy Janice Torso Sex Doll

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Out of stock $325.13
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  • Two Waiting Holes textured with ribs and bumps
  • Lifelike Labia and pink nipples for more realistic sexual sensations
  • Multiple positions with breast sex, vaginal stimulation, and anal play
  • A slim waist is comfortable to hold for added tactile sense
  • Made from high-end TPR that doesn't harm your health


Grab Her Breasts, Tweak Her Nipples, and Rub Her Tunnels


Janice is made from premium TPR material offering a like-like look and feel with attention to detail. Her vaginal opening has both the textured inner wall and mature outer labia, plus her anal tunnel is also ribbed for stimulation with each thrust. You can penetrate her vaginally, anally, or slide your cock between her plump boobs. The weight of the sex doll torso is where the fun comes in. You can play with Janice in a few different positions, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, or missionary providing you with hours of entertainment. She is heavy enough that she won't slide around which is a bonus.Janice never refuses, never gets tired, and never complains. Why wait? Take the adorable girl away and work her deep until you explode.

Quality Guarantee

The product is made from safe, skin-friendly material which doesn’t harm your health.

Care and Cleaning

1. Cleaning: Before and after use, please wash the product with soapy water or good-quality cleaner.

2. Care: Please keep it away from direct sunlight, high temperature, heavy pressure, humidity, and pollution.



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  • Features:

    Two Openings, Breasts, Pink Nipples, Torso, Good Figure

  • Color:

    Natural Beige

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    Product x1

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Customer reviews


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  • W***tVerified Buyer

    Never had a toy like this before and I was shocked at the quality. Skin feels like skin - breasts felt real, both holes were super tight and felt real. Very happy with the quality and the feel of this toy. It is also a lot heavier and larger than I expected..

    Helpful , ON 04 November 2021

  • A***oVerified Buyer

    This is the first type of product like this I have purchased and I have to admit that it is extremely realistic. I like the extra weight of this one when shopping around. Other ones seemed smaller. The easiest way to clean it that I have found is to use a detachable shower head. Overall happy with my purchase!

    Helpful , ON 06 November 2021

  • L***aVerified Buyer

    This is a pretty good deal - the material is easy to clean, and stays fresh. I have one of the OG Fleshlights, that get real 'tacky' feeling after a few uses. This one stays dry/non-sticky to the touch after cleanings, but dusting it with cornstarch on the outside helps keep it in good shape.

    Helpful , ON 31 October 2021

  • H***nVerified Buyer

    First off, I love the presentation when you open it. It was well put together & makes you want to jump right in. I’ve had more than one toy from this company and they haven’t disappointed yet. This is about as real as it gets. The insides feel truly amazing. I love the weight on it, makes me feel like I’m actually moving around with someone. Clean up very easy as well. I highly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a good time.

    Helpful , ON 05 November 2021

  • L***fVerified Buyer

    First, this is a great toy. I've owned a few similar toys and this is the best I've had yet. The internal frame is definitely nice. It could stand to be a little longer/more rigid, but it is definitely a good feature as it is. I find the holes to be a little too tight actually, but I am a little on the thicker side too. It just means that I don't last as long as I want to on the first go 'round. ;) I've seen some complaints about surface/skin defects. There are a couple very minor ones, but it doesn't take away from the overall aesthetic, in my opinion. The sexy details of this doll are one of the selling points for me and I find it very arousing to look at. I've also seen some complaints about weight and or the doll being too small. I think this doll is the perfect balance. The dimensions listed are accurate, so you should know what you are getting. If you get a bigger size, you get a heavier doll. It is certainly smaller than the real thing, but the smaller size makes it easier to manipulate into various sexual positions. Like I said, I have a hard time lasting on my first session and I am experienced in edging. It is a great toy.

    Helpful , ON 07 November 2021

  • N***lVerified Buyer

    For my first time buy in one of these in was blown away! Would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for such products.

    Helpful , ON 04 November 2021

  • E***nVerified Buyer

    very soft and realistic doll. It is the perfect size to fit in your hand and the rubber is very soft and lifelike. Both the inner and outer details are incredible. The inside texture is fantastic and feels incredible also. It is a great toy for a great price. Since there are no electronics, cleanup is easy. It is also a great design if you want to use a vibrating toy in the other opening. I highly recommend it.

    Helpful , ON 04 November 2021

  • L***eVerified Buyer

    This product is perfectly sized. You don’t have to have a lot of room for storage. The material is soft and easy to clean. It feels great! You can feel free to flip it anyway you like & still get great results. I totally recommend this product to any & everyone!

    Helpful , ON 31 October 2021

  • V***eVerified Buyer

    It's realistic mostly, wish the boobs and butt were bigger and softer. You get what you pay for basically it doesn't have much detail but you can add your own it'll come off in two washes. It's durable had it for about two weeks every night. It's still intact through roughness. Also added a belly piercing. Still satisfying for women, hella heavy but that makes it more realistic. Gets sticky if you don't properly clean and store. When you enter you can see it move in the stomach that's a plus.

    Helpful , ON 01 November 2021

  • H***nVerified Buyer

    This doll is unreal. The price may deter you but hands down this is an amazing doll that satisfies unlike any other. The breasts jiggle about effortlessly during intercourse and all the positions that can be imagined are amazing with this doll.

    Helpful , ON 08 November 2021


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