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5 Vibration Remote Control Kegel Balls

Item#: Y8129-ND-4 | (in stock)
The 5 different vibration modes of the kegel ball exercises can bring you extra pleasure. The toy slides into the body, vibrating and striking in the vagina to exercise the vagina....more

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5 Vibration Remote Control Kegel Balls
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[ DETACHABLE BALLS ] Two detachable balls are wrapped in the silicone sleeve. One of the balls is designed with a vibration motor to bring you pleasure. The other ball is a weighted ball. You can use the vibrating ball at the beginning of the exercise. As the exercise time increases, you can consider using another heavier ball. The position and collocation of the ball can be adjusted as you need.

[ EXERCISE VAGINA ] Put the kegel ball into the female body. When a person is walking, running or other activities, the small ball will bounce and impact. The ball vibration generated by the impact stimulates muscle contraction to achieve the effect of exercise. You must exercise to use this type of kegel ball. Lying down or sitting is useless.

[ 5 VIBRATION MODES ] This waterproof miracle toy can vibrate your heart. The highest quality motor design does not cause noise and is very quiet. You can use this toy in many places. 5 different functions and remote control vibration allow you to get pleasure while exercising.

Rinse dry with a towel after cleaning


Product Size:8.7" in total length.
Product Weight: 0.34lb
Product Material: silicone

Package List: 

Includes kegel balls×1,USB cable×1.
Allovers Kegel Balls


The function of Ben Wa balls is twofold. First, they’re supposed to provide stimulation for the woman wearing them. Secondly, Ben Wa balls can be used to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles, also known as the PC muscles and the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine and the very same muscles that contract during pleasure. Learn just where PC muscles are in your anatomy.

Allovers Kegel Balls


So what’s a good workout anyway? For starters, you should be standing up. Gravity works to pull those balls out once you’ve got them inserted – squatting can help with this – so you use your muscles to keep them in place. Any kegel exercises you do without tools can be done with a Ben Wa ball or two inserted.

Allovers Kegel Balls

Perfect your technique

Step 1: Tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold the contraction for five seconds.

Step 2: Relax and exhale for five seconds.

Step 3: Repeat this exercise five times, and then try it for 10 seconds.

To make sure you aren’t accidentally incorporating other muscles into your routine, place one hand on your stomach to make sure it’s relaxed the entire time.

Allovers Kegel Balls
Allovers Kegel Balls
Allovers Kegel Balls

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5 Vibration Remote Control Kegel Balls

The 5 different vibration modes of the kegel ball exercises can bring you extra pleasure. The toy slides into the body, vibrating and striking in the vagina to exercise the vagina.

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