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  • 6 Inch Smart Thermostat...


    No more cold toys on your package with this must-have masturbation accessory! This USB heating rod can automatically control and provide constant temperature.

    Made of high quality TPR and environmental ABS and Ultra-long power cord, it can easily transform warms to your toys.

    Quickly heating to 45 degrees.

  • Lovemoment 6 Stretching...


    With hand free design and 4D visible realistic tunnel for the lifelike sensation of a blow-job, you can have a marvelous sexual experience.

    Multiple thrusting speeds and powerful vibrations;

    Super long tunnel and fit all dick size.

  • Double Penis Cock Ring...


    Measuring 5.9*3.2 inch, this compact size masturbator sleeve designed to rock your world with unbeatable pleasure, it is a must-have for men who want to enhance their solo play experiences.

    Spots double uniquely fitted  cock rings  that makes the pocket pussy tighter; and you can enjoy the intense stimulation through the transparent toy;

    Soft, flexible and waterproof 3D internal realistic female texture tunnel  for maximum, realistic pleasure.

  • DMM 6 Inch Constant...


    A 100% waterproof rechargeable heating rod for male masturbator with a body safe material for a dramatically different pleasure experience.

    USB Rechargeable to prolong the lifetime;

    Constant 45 degree temperature design.

  • 4D Automatic Stroker...


    This 4D automatic male masturbators  is the full automatic sex toy that give you incredible multi-action sucking and milking masturbation.

    12 adjustable vibration modes and realistic mouth so you can adjust the size and tightness of the channel so that you get an orgasm;

    Reusable sleeve achieve your desired tightness.

  • 5 Speeds Voice Interation...


    If you’re all in to have a harder, longer erection, and better sexual stamina, your best companion is this portable male pussy oral masturbator!
    Strong suction,voice interaction & powerful vibrating- Brings 12 vibration modes and 5 sucking modes, ensures powerful vibration and brings multiple stimulation.
    Auto heating to 38 degree, like woman’s warm oral, vaginal.

  • Intelligent Heating Pulse...


    If you love a tight, comforting, warm woman hole to rest your hard cock, this is for you. When your rock hard penis starts throbbing and ready for pumping, hands can be too boring. You need a sex toy, a real like vagina with outstanding suction for your best pleasure.
    Real like blowjob channel for deep throat;
    Intelligent Sexual Moans Interaction and earphone equipped to provide a lifelike, discreet sexual experience.

  • 3D realistic male...


    Noiseless cup with 36 speeds motor giving you the strongest stimulation to experience different level of sexual pleasure, but it operates at a whisper level to protect your privacy.

    An special audio function which allows you to listen to a girl's moans, creating an awesome experience that will build huge orgasms and take masturbation to the next level.

  • 3D Realistic Male...


    With Vacuum chamber and  3610 degree soft silicone design, you can experience an outbreak ejaculating this mouth male masturbator;

    A rigid masturbation cup that offers 16 intense vibration settings which you can control yourself and extend the pleasant sensation.

  • 10-Speed Rechargeable Male...


    Fitted with a powerful double 10 speed bullet that sends waves of vibrations though the sleeve and will stimulate the whole length of the penis and induce knee trembling sensations;

    Girl's moans which creating an awesome experience that will build huge orgasms and take masturbation to the next level.