Pea Cannon Automatic Suction Stroker

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This unique looking male masturbation toy is a solo pleasure for you. The auto masturbator allows you to reach orgasm without having to use your own hands. Three different aspiration patterns allow you to experience the true sensations and rhythms of vaginal and mouth sucking....more

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Pea Cannon Oral Sex Sucking Auto Blowjob Machine - Three Colors

Bestvibe is committed to discovering products that make users more sexually satisfied. We are focused on innovation in appearance, function, and sexual performance. Different from other male toys. The design concept of this perfect automatic blowjob comes from the "Pea Cannon" in the game. user-friendly design and the mouth of this male masturbator is to better wrap your penis.

Easy to hold, the frosted shell is easy to handle and allows you to fully engage in sex. The dual feeling of sucking and vibration, 3 different kinds of sucking, simulating the feeling of swallowing and vomiting during vagina and mouth, corresponding to the different speeds when a woman is excited, the more agitated she is, the stronger the suction power. 10 different vibrations, after the vibration is turned on, the folds and particles in the channel will grind your penis, give you plenty of stimulation. It's soft and has a thick layer of silicone at the entrance, so you can enjoy it without worrying about hitting the toy and getting uncomfortable in the testicles. This orgasm feature is a great humanized design. When you feel like you're about to ejaculate, press this button to maximize the suction and vibration.

If the product is dirty,please wash it with clean water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

Product Size: 8.07" in total length,3.34"in width.
Product Weight: 1.54lb
Product Material: ABS+TPE

Orgasm Button

The one-button orgasm button is located in the upper half of the cup for easy grasping. It provides incredible functions and creates an unforgettable experience.

Soft Material

Made of soft and safe materials. The material of the inner passage is as comfortable as the skin. Insert into your penis and feel the real feeling

Easy Cleaning

The sleeve pops easily out of the casing for quick and easy clean up. Please Please dry it with a towel before storage.

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soft 01/08/2021
Pulp Gulper 3000 10/30/2020
Five stars for everything 10/10/2020




The first toy I've used that has a manual activation button. It's nice, being able to just push the button and make it go while you hold it, instead of having to rely on pre-programmed pulse patterns. The picture doesn't tell the whole story. It's WAY softer than it looks. It's opaque, but incredibly soft, like the toys that use the transparent soft jelly.


Pulp Gulper 3000

This thing is a sucking machine. I'm sucked the colour out of my dick. Sucked it right off it's hinges. It has three sucking modes; "i'm going to give you the best blowjob of your life" (to be clear this is the lowest sucking setting, just shallow slurps), "i don't usually do this" (pretty good, takes it deeper), and "HRRRSKLFSKLFSKLF" (this is the sound one makes when you touch that little dangly thing that swings in the back of their throat). Additional it has a "crazy nut" mode, which is extra powerful and deep suction for as long as you can hold the button. If you're worried about cleaning, worry no more. You can either treat it like a cast iron pan and leave it in there, or just rinse it out with water. There's a third option which is to make slow motion videos of your nut pouring out / into various foods and vessels (available on my onlyfans). Five stars.


Five stars for everything

This has an amazing texture that is pleasing to hold while you’re being pleasured. The suction is great, and smooth. The vibrations are solid. The cherry on top is the O button that kicks everything into overdrive when you’re “ready”. Five stars for everything!

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Pea Cannon Automatic Suction Stroker

This unique looking male masturbation toy is a solo pleasure for you. The auto masturbator allows you to reach orgasm without having to use your own hands. Three different aspiration patterns allow you to experience the true sensations and rhythms of vaginal and mouth sucking.

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